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Free car advertising

Free car advertising

Where can I sell my car online for free?

Wouldn’t it be nice to advertise your car for free online whether you’re a private or trade seller? Especially after all the efforts that comes with preparing to sell your car; like getting a MOT done if it’s due which can cost around £40 and then having to embrace any other mechanical issue that may need sorting out from a faulty break light to a new cambelt. Once that’s all done there’s Joey’s hand car wash to head down to hopefully to wash, wax and polish the car for the last time inside and out. All the above to consider. The last thing you want is to pay a hefty basic advert of £36.95 for 2 weeks and only receive one call. Only to be left with an unsold car parked on the driveway, an expired advert and £36.95 in the hole.

There must be another way, a cost-effective way.

A few years ago introduced free car advertising great news for all car sellers, right? Well wrong. Several disappointed private sellers pointed out the service was only applicable for cars sold under £1000. No good for the majority trying to sell their used BMW or used Porsche not to mention the advert is only listed for a week. is known for their free car advertising, which is awesome when you’re trying to sell quickly. But the only problem is the influx of cars only gets your motor unnoticed and buried in the treasure chess. The paid adon’s Gumtree provide such as featured, sponsored or urgent are good but can easily take your bill way over £20.

Earlier this year announced that from 15th April 2019 selling your car will no longer be free. In fact, a $5 fee will be introduced. For sellers the question quickly came about “Is this the end of the road for free car advertising”?

Certainly not… at we offer both private and trade sellers a free platform for sticking cars up for sell. Not to mention the package also includes unlimited weeks of listings, up to 20 images and even social media advertising to help sell cars sooner rather than later. Helping sellers earn todays current car value rather than tomorrows. We’ve included adons but kept the cost very minimal considering our customers, helping them retain as much money in their pocket as possible is our goal. We have an automatic system in place that helps rotate adverts accordingly, ensuring unsold older posts are kept from being forgotten. This is designed to make the process hassle free for sellers and eliminates the need for sellers having to keep relisting.

Cars for sale are very important to us and we aim to continue to become UK first choice for free car ads. Providing a quick and easy cost effect platform across the board is something we always strive for.

So whether it’s a used BMW in Chingford, a used Ford in Manchester or a used Golf in Southend – on- Sea, if it’s worth selling it’s worth telling .

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